Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire cost of living helpline now available

Dec 1, 2022

Funding also approved to expand Tackling Poverty Team

A dedicated helpline devoted to supporting North Lanarkshire residents impacted by the cost of living crisis is set to be expanded in the coming weeks.

At a meeting of the North Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board yesterday (Wednesday, 30 November) members heard the cost of living crisis will force thousands of local people into poverty.

The next two years are expected to be extremely challenging for a growing number of local people. As a result, Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire has prioritised exploring ways of increasing the help and advice available to individuals and families.

The IJB’s members approved the use of £600,000 of funding to support the expansion of North Lanarkshire Council’sTackling Poverty Team, including its single point of contact helpline.

Work is already underway to add debt advisors, income maximisers, clerical support and a welfare rights advisor to the team. This will help the them to expand the helpline capacity as well as enhance activities around First Point of Contact, outreach surgeries and wider support to community planning partners.

Councillor Ayeshah Khan, chair of the North Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board, said: “We know the cost of living crisis is forcing people in North Lanarkshire, and across the UK, into making extremely difficult decisions on how they prioritise their money.

“We expect the resulting impact on wellbeing, and physical and mental health, will result in existing health inequalities being intensified. Given the partnership’s role in helping people to maintain their health, we have looked at options to further increase the early help and support available.

“Today members approved £600,000 of funding for the helpline over the next two years. In addition, they also agreed the request for increasing the size of the council’s Tackling Poverty Team.

“This helpline will not eradicate the effects of the crisis by itself, however it will be an important tool in ensuring people access advice, information, support and advocacy in areas including income maximisation, and fuel, debt and money advice.

“The Tackling Poverty Team is working to recruit the additional staff required as quickly as possible. Part of this work will include looking at traineeships, modern apprentices, and other employment opportunities for North Lanarkshire residents as part of the team.

“I’m confident the helpline and the expanded Tackling Poverty Team will play a vital role in supporting our residents at this difficult time and I’d encourage people to use them if they are struggling.”

People can contact the team now on 01698 332551 or email

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