Health & Social Care North Lanarkshire advances in its mission to reduce poverty in local communities

May 22, 2023

Health & Social Care North Lanarkshire is making significant progress in ensuring nobody in North Lanarkshire faces barriers to health and social care services.

The health and social care partnership works to the Fairer Scotland Duty which protect those most affected by poverty in local communities. As a result, the partnership actively considers any socio-economic inequalities that could result from its decisions and policies.

The partnership has developed a set of robust processes to ensure its way of working makes sure that everyone in North Lanarkshire has equal access to health and care services.

Staff have improved the equality impact assessment (EQIA) template to reflect Fairer Scotland Duty and ensure that strategic decisions pay attention to the needs of those facing socio-economic disadvantages.

Committee reports also include reference to the Public Sector Equality Duty and Fairer Scotland Duty to ensure all papers consider if a full assessment is required and record the resulting work carried out.

Brian Moore, depute chair of the North Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board, highlighted the vital role of Health and Social Care Services in reducing health inequalities. He said:

“We are fully committed to promoting fairness throughout our health and social services, and reducing inequalities by tackling the underlying issues that impact our communities.

Carefully implementing the Fairer Scotland Duty and conducting comprehensive EQIAs, we can identify and address the specific needs of our communities, ensuring that no one is left behind.

Any inequalities identified will be addressed through an action plan as we’re absolutely dedicated to ensuring there are no obstacles to people accessing our services. Its vital people can access the services they need, when they need.

To help with this, we have secured Scottish Government funding to put in place a dedicated team member who provides training and support to ensure our decision-making is well-informed and uses our knowledge of our local communities.

Ultimately, this work will contribute to creating more inclusive communities throughout North Lanarkshire. By proactively addressing health and social inequalities, we aim to foster healthier, happier communities for all.”

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