Enhancing Support Services for Individuals and Carers

Jun 23, 2023

North Lanarkshire’s Health and Social Care Partnership is continuing to play a vital role in ensuring that individuals and carers receive support proactively, well before crises or emergencies occur.

Working with North Lanarkshire Council, the Health and Social Care Partnership is committed to providing inclusive social care services through Self-Directed Support (SDS), available to all who require assistance, including children, adults, and unpaid carers. The goal is to ensure that the right support is readily available at the right time and place to address the diverse needs of individuals.

Various forms of support are provided to carers, with a range of options available to meet their personal outcomes and support requirements. Examples of such options include assistive technology, information and advice services, Carer Breather managed by North Lanarkshire Carers Together, the Short Breaks Bureau managed by Lanarkshire Carers, and the Young Carers Support Project managed by Action For Children.

To further support carers, all local authorities in Scotland are mandated to offer an Adult Carer Support Plan (ACSP) or Young Carer Statement (YCS) to anyone identified as a carer. For situations where the ACSP identifies adult carer needs that cannot be met through existing support options, an individual Carer Budget may be necessary.

The Young Carers Project is responsible for progressing the YCS for young carers. It is important to note that neither the cared-for person nor the carer needs to be known to “services” for an ACSP or YCS to be requested.

Carer Budgets form an integral part of the broader SDS approach, aiming to empower individuals by providing maximum choice and control over the support they receive. Carers who are allocated a budget can utilise it flexibly to meet their caring-related needs and outcomes in a manner that suits them best. Subject to a few conditions, carers receiving a carer budget can choose from four SDS options or a combination thereof:

• Direct Payment
• Selection of support from a range of support organizations
• Support arranged by the local authority
• Combination of support options

Diane Fraser, Chief Officer Adult Social Work Services explained: “While most caring-related needs can be met through support options that do not involve an individual carer budget, for eligible individuals, carer budgets have proven invaluable.

“The strength of the ACSP lies in its focus on advance planning. By enabling carers and the individuals they care for to plan ahead, future arrangements can be put in place, ensuring stability and support in the long run. “

Visit North Lanarkshire Council’s website for more information on Self-Directed Support

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