Assistive Technology Team

Oct 4, 2023

The new Assistive Technology Team has been established to help people and services to ‘think tech first’.

Based in Motherwell, the team is made up of technology support assistants and resource workers, working across North Lanarkshire’s six localities. The team’s main purpose is to provide technology solutions to help people live independently, and safely, in their own home.

Tours of the technology flat can be arranged for demonstrations of the equipment and sharing advice and information on what’s available and funding. The Tech team is unique in that it researches and advises on self-purchased equipment as well as council provided equipment. It also provides person-centered assessment and advice, as well as having an open referral process, so barriers are removed.

The team uses the Just Checking system to create a four week analysis of a person’s movements at home. This can be used to support a person continuing to remain in their own home with appropriate support. The Just Checking system maintains a person’s privacy by using movement sensors rather than cameras in a person’s home. The analysis enables the team to monitor activity and establish a clear routine.

Currently, the team is trialing a new device called a KOMP, which is the size of a small TV and has one button, for the last six months. This provides a one-way video call and can show pictures and texts. The trial has focused on a video call medication prompt service, which has been successful, and can reduce the need for home support. The trial for the Komp, which is a private purchase device , can also be used to reduce social isolation by helping to increase contact with family and friends.

If you have any assistive technology enquiries please email the team at or if you wish to book a visit to our Tech Flat, please email

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